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About TakePoint.io

TakePoint.io developed by Dygn is known as an amazing multiplayer online .iO game inspired by Diep style. Discover a new map set in a strange space and get ready to check out your shooting ability along with hundreds of other players. All of you are going to take part in a huge violent encounter. And, you must fight until you wipe out every enemy and capture the most points. They are important elements that help you dominate the whole arena and become the top winner.

Takepoint.io Online Game

After you accept to engage the combat, you will not be able to choose the team you love. Indeed, you will be assigned a group at random at the beginning. From that moment, you can work together with other teammates or play solo. You will appear and stand on a spot which has the same color as your outfit. You are equipped with a shotgun. The weapon that you receive will allow you to push back the foe before they eliminate you and rob your position. Each time you destroy somebody, you will improve the chance to hold your territory and rank up. Additionally, each kill that you gain will bring back more scores to you. They will assist you so you can step into the next level, purchase upgrades with better firearms and perks.


  • Have a 2D team deathmatch gameplay with the mission that requires you to occupy points
  • A battle of 3 teams: Red, Green, and Blue
  • A nice reload animation
  • An upgradeable character
  • New weapons and perks


  • Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move around the battlefield.
  • Press LMB to shoot, R to reload.
  • Tap Space to utilize perks, Enter to chat.

Takepoint.io Strategy

  • Depend on the number of locations that your group takes over, you will be granted the corresponding score. When you meet that goal quickly, you will open up enhancements sooner.
  • Do not forget to cooperate with your allies and pick out the most appropriate objects which suit your current situation and another! For instance, you should have at least one friend dropping Medkits while others are putting up barricades.
  • Gas grenades are really useful stuff to clear multiple targets at once, especially in case you are attacking points.
  • Remember to firmly grasp the function of your gear! For example, the sniper is handy for long-range attack whilst the earliest gun is very helpful in the close range and the assault can beat everything in between.
  • A small unit that selects those different items will get an edge over less planned opponents.

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