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Crazy Galaxies.io

Instructions: Control the movement of your galaxy using the mouse. Press the spacebar button to speed it up.

Crazy Galaxies.io about:

Crazy Galaxies.io

Crazy Glaxies.io unblocked is a fun game where you have to eat as many galaxies as possible for the domination of the universe. Jump into it now if you are looking for an io game to master, especially the game that is similar to Agar.io in concept and gameplay. Crazy Galazies.io free is a good choice for you. You will enter the void trying to absorb many asteroids with smaller planetary bodies to gain more mass for your galaxy. When you grow your mass, you will become stronger. Other enemy galaxies are hunting for food just like you. You will want to avoid them when you are not ready for a fight. But if they are smaller than you, eat them all to get your size bigger. As you increase your strength and mass, you will have an edge over other players, taking you closer to victory. Try to remain alive for as long as possible until you top the leaderboard! Have fun!

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