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Instructions: Control the movement of your character using the mouse. Click the left mouse button to jump.

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Crazy Jump.io

Come play a fun, fast and great io game called Crazy Jump for awesome challenges. Are you good at jumping and fighting off enemies? If yes, you can show your skills off against enemies in Crazy Jump unblocked. You take control of a gummy person making an attempt to jump up and smash down all enemies around you. The more enemies you defeat, the stronger and bigger you will become. You have to push them off the edge of a cliff or vibrate them off the edge using your shockwaves. Be careful of your surroundings because someone may take a chance to push you back. If you fall off a cliff, the game will be over. So, you have to outthink your enemies as well as use smart strategies to defeat them for your victory. The last one that stands on the ground will be crowned as the champion! Can you beat all of your enemies? Play Crazy Jump for free!

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