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Instructions: Use the mouse to move your lord around the map. Use E to create a house, R to create a tower, T/Y/U/I/O to summon a soldier, knight, archer, barbarian, and dragon, respectively. Use the spacebar to divide your army.

Lordz.io about:


Lordz.io online in browsers is a strategy io game free for all. In this title, you are a lord who has to fight of many enemies using a wide range of strategies and a big army full of various units, from soldiers to dragons. Take control of your army carefully as you wander around the map as you try to pick up a lot of gold coins. With these gold coins, you can summon more units to make your army larger. Send them into the battle when everything is ready, direct them well so they can help you slay all enemies. When you come back to your kingdom after each fight, try to upgrade all the buildings you have built as well as create more houses to increase your population limit. Do whatever it takes to defend your towers too! Your big goal in Lordz.io game is to become the best lord on the leaderboard with the biggest army. Play it now in full-screen mode to experience all challenges! Much fun!

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