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Instructions: Move around the forest using arrow keys or WASD. Craft items and gather resources using the left mouse button.

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Starve.io unblocked is a free multiplayer game that can be played in the full-screen mode in browsers. It’s all about surviving in the middle of a dangerous forest. You become one of the survivors trying to conquer this adventure. The first thing you do is to gather some wood after cutting down some trees. The wood will be used for making a wooden pickaxe then you can use this new tool to collect stones. When you combine stones and woods, you can make a campfire that helps you get through the cold at night. As time goes by, you will get hunger. To fill your empty stomach, try to eat some berries or get meat from animals you have hunted. Make sure you are always able to control the cold and hunger during the adventure to survive longer. Also, don’t forget to protect yourself from other players who can destroy you if they have a chance. You must become the best survivor in Starve.io strategy game! Much fun!

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