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Instructions: Direct the movement of your army using the mouse only.


Smismi Online

Have fun joining an engaging RPG io game called Smismi.online unblocked which is free to access in browsers. In Smismi.online game, you have a slime army and a small kingdom. You are tasked with expanding all of them to build up the ultimate dominance in the arena. To make your kingdom larger, you must move around the map carefully to eat as many objects as possible. This will grow your kingdom to a bigger size. On your way, you will come across many tough rivals, so try to defend your slime army and make sure they will not attack you. To outplay them, use your strategies with some good tactics. It is very important to keep your kingdom safe from the opponents. If you get destroyed, the whole game will be over. But if you can get through all challenges, you will have a chance to reach the top rank on the leaderboard. Much fun with it!

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